Water Well Project

Life is very difficult in Thukuta when it comes to the issue of accessing safe water. WHEAMS and the Thukuta village depend on wells as a source of safe drinking water. Villagers in Thukuta live at a variety of distances from a water source: some women walk distances of up to 2 Km in search for safe water; this means that from the furthest side of the village, some people walk for over 2 hrs. for water, followed by another 2 hrs. back home.

There are many negative consequences to a low access to clean water. Often, villagers do not take a bath on a daily basis, do not frequently do laundry, and frequently use the same water to wash food utensils for a number of rounds. Additionally, due to the long walk to access water, local productivity is negatively affected. People in Thukuta village spend precious time to access water, reducing time to work on their gardens, which leads to increased malnutrition and hunger.

In order to meet this need, in December 2011, a new water well was constructed in Thukuta village, deep enough to sustain water levels even during very dry months. Having an ongoing water source allows villagers near the WHEAMS site to be the most benefit. This initial well that has finished has reduced the distance some women walk in search for safe water, by at least half. It has also reduced the amount of time that is spent waiting in line to receive clean and safe water.

However, the installation of a solar water pump (bole hole) and water tanks has not yet occurred; this remains an ongoing project. If WEHAMS manages to install a solar pump, then water tanks can be erected in a few strategic points. Therefore,pipe water can be introduced in the village.

Although ground water is considered to be save, a water pump can also help to treat the water. WHEAMS hopes to increase to provide water to every household, that is clean and plentiful. The options are to install the solar pump and water tanks, or drill a minimum of four more bore holes within the area.

WHEAMS Water Well Project


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