WHEAMS is dedicated, for the moment, only to Thukuta village. The personal dedication of the WHEAMS team, led by Rodrick Banda, reflects a beautiful example of Malawians helping their own. WHEAMS focuses on raising up leaders in Thukuta, offering education and training, so they can carry on improving their own community.

Volunteerism has been positively promoted among people of Thukuta Village, something that was very difficult to achieve in the past. Women in the community come to prepare and serve the meals for the Feeding Program and men have cleared land around the pre-school for the children to be able to play.

Socially the program is also having a great impact. Isolated persons such as separated or orphaned children, widows and widowers, older people or others without families have a reason to get together and work on a common goal.

The Women’s Empowerment Program and Diana Kayange have played a huge role in ensuring the continuity of the programs and moral of the community.

Challenges to sustainability:

1. Large percentage of the population infected with HIV

2. Low rates of literacy

3. Economic hardship

4. High levels of unemployment and eroding of self-esteem that often accompanies it


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