Planning for a Silent Auction

Hello friends of Warm Heart Initiatives!

We are in the early stages of planning for a Silent Auction Fundraiser in Squamish, BC. It is likely to happen in September 2017, and it will be our big event for the year.  With a number of great things going on this year, Amelia is hoping to get a few people on board with helping to plan, organize and promote.  A few items that we need help with is:

  1. a venue
  2. items for the silent auction
  3. small amounts of food and drink
  4. possible entertainment.

Are you, or any of your friends in your community, willing and able to help out with any of this things?  If so, please email at warmheartinitiatives [at] or call amelia and 778-628-1909.

We are so excited to update people on the progress of WHI in Squamish, and connecting the community to the work we are doing.


Thank you for 2016!

Dear Friends of Warm Heart Initiatives,
We are well into 2017, and we have yet to thank you for your generous support and interest in this past year.  Please see the attached newsletter for a brief update on some of the projects that are taking place in Malawi.  We are super excited about the ongoing pre-school feeding program, the scholarships, and the increase in health knowledge.  We would not be able to do this without you!

We are happy to report that 2016 was another year on budget, with approximately 6000$ in total revenue;  with this amount, we have been able to return to sending 4800$ directly to Malawi (up from 3600 in 2015), keep our accounts stable, and meet our expenses. These funds were raised through personal donations, support from craft fairs, Amelia’s summer walking challenge, and a two church donations, etc.
In 2017 we will aim to maintain the same net revenue of 6000$.  We hope to increase focused amounts to health care initiatives, narrow the focus of the scholarship program, and continue the pre-school feeding initiative.
In terms of growth in Canada, we have had a few strong individuals express interest in contributing their knowledge and support to WHI.  We will soon be exploring how we can continue to find initiatives in our local communities which help to build leaders who have interest in global citizenship: as important as it is to build the capacity of our partners abroad, we believe that it is also important to partner with, and build capacity of young people around us.
We are excited for 2017, and are looking forward to keeping you along with us on this journey!
Read Here:  Thank-you-whi

Yearly Financial Goals

Wow!  October already!  It’s that time of year when we all start to realize the year is coming to a quick end, and we think about what the next year will handle.  This morning, I was listening to CBC radio, and something during the interview that really struck me.  They were talking about the crises in Syria, and the tendency for people to “give once, and forget.”  I think this is so true: people get passionate about a single crises, and then it slowly quiets down, even though the crises doesn’t go away.

This is the truth for both our own work, and our support from others.  Every year, we set a budget at Warm Heart Initiatives.  It ranges between 6000-9000 in revenue, and 5000-14000 in expenses.  As you might guess, it took us a few years to figure out our budgeting, and we are happy to say that 2016 is the first year in which we do not have debt:  we were able to pay the final cost on a loan we got in 2012.  What a relief!  One of our goals is to be transparent in finances, keeping as much as possible for projects in Malawi, and to maintain a balanced budget.

We have had very few consistent donors (board members, family, etc.), and a good handful of one time donors.  Let me tell you: getting consistent, regular donors is far more beneficial than one time large donors.  With consistency, we do not have to become highly concerned about one time fundraising events being our main source of income, but rather use the finances for special contingency.  We consistency, we can develop relationship with the people who truly care and are interested in the work that we are doing.

Would you consider being a regular donor?  Even 25$ a month (cost of a dinner out?!?!) totals 300$ a year: something that can support a child in school for the year, pay part of a salary for our teacher, or invest in the maise needed to make a nutritious meal.

Would consider an ongoing donation? 10$, 25$ a month? As a regular donor you will be kept updated on our projects in partnership with WHEAMS in Malawi, or any time that we have an event in Canada. You will also be named on our webpage as a supporter of Warm Heart Initiatives.  We thank you in advance, and look forward to hearing from you.

Fall Update!

In July and August, Amelia completed a walking challenge for Warm Heart Initiatives: walking 500km in 50 days, and completing it with a 50km trail race.  Below, you can see a photo of her mid-race, hitting the 500km final goal!  It was so great to get out into the community, and into nature, and reflect on the work going on in Malawi.  Over this time, she was able to raise about 600$ over the time, all which directly goes to our partnership in Malawi.  In fact, our partner in Malawi (Rodrick) also did a walking challenge during the same time, in which he walked to town and back everyday, rather than taking a bus.  He was able to take that money saved, and contribute it directly to the project!


Work in Malawi continues on.  We are waiting to hear a recent update; however, the computer that they regularly use has finally met the end of its lifespan, so communication has been difficult.  The board in Malawi has continued to work on maintaining a balanced budget, despite difficult times with income from a chicken and sanitary business that they are running.  There is a food crises in the country, with prices of basic necessities increasing.  Despite that, the work in Thukuta village continues.  We have had a return of a teacher to a regular teaching position, and scholarships are continuing to be distributed to secondary and college students.  We are eager to hear from the board in Malawi to get photos of the students, as well as the details of their finances.

As we approach the fall season, we know that the project in Malawi will be gearing up for the annual christmas event.  This is always an exciting time of the year, and we hope to be able to hear updates.  Here in Canada, we are going to be planning a fall event.  Perhaps another silent auction or tea party. Perhaps a quiet selling of goods, perhaps a presentation on getting youth interested in global projects. Please stay in touch!

Meanwhile, Amelia has made, and is selling totebags.  They are selling for 30$ a bag, plus shipping.  Made with material from Malawi and from Mozambique, these are great for shopping, lunch bags, and general toting! As always, 100% of the fees raise go towards the projects at Warm Heart Initiatives.