WHEAMS’ has a goal to open a Primary and Secondary School in Tukuta village. The schools are being designed to become a centre for lifelong learning which will provide young people the opportunity to attain their educational goals by offering programmes that respond to individual, community and global needs. In addition to basic (government standard) primary and secondary education, the schools would also include a vocational training centre.

The WHEAMS school will have the following goals:

· Stimulate intellectual curiosity

· Promote humanitarian values and enhance the general educational experiences necessary for persons to function as effective citizens

· Create an atmosphere where diversity is acknowledged and encouraged

· Provide comprehensive student services that are conducive to student learning and satisfaction in all facets of the school experience and appropriate to an open door Christian School.

In the future, the school aims to partner with educators to distribute books and supplies to boys and girls, and to have international teachers come and mentor WHEAMS teachers.


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