About Us

“Creating partnerships to end poverty, one village at a time.”

Warm Heart Initiatives (WHI) deeply cares about the way in which the world treats children.

We believe that with a solid educational foundation, proper nutrition, health needs being addressed, and support to the community and family in which the student exists, children can achieve immediate AND lasting change. WHI believes that in partnering with local initiatives, the individual lives of children can be significantly impacted, assure that they grow up with the full potential that everyone deserves.  Therefore, we look for local partners to empower, equip and encourage them.

In Canada we serve as brokers of information between our community partners, and westerners who are interested in supporting development initiatives in the Global South. We seek to empower, equip and encourage not only our partners, but also donors to raise awareness and funds to support our capacity building initiatives in disadvantaged villages.


  • Use a multifaceted approach targeting health, nutrition, education, agriculture, job creation and training.
  • Invest not only in building on established community strengths, but also in personal capacity.
  • Encourage sustainable & environmentally sensitive practices
  • Encourage a mutual knowledge exchange between the Global South and Canada, on topics such as education, sustainable practices, healthy food practices, etc.
  • Demonstrate cultural competence in all initiatives and conversations.


  • Giving an opportunity to the poorest of the poor to access education (reducing school dropouts due to lack of school fees and accessibility)
  • Providing sound and quality education that fosters critical thinking for Children and Youth.
  • Transforming a community by fostering the development of sound leadership skills and promoting good governance in a village settings.
  • Promoting health and nutrition by providing daily meals and medical attention.


Our first partnership is with Warm Heart Missions (WHEAMS), a Malawian organisation working in the village of Thukuta, district of Balaka, Malawi.

The Founder and Director of WHEAMS is Rodrick Banda, a Malawian with a heart for growing strong communities of empowered youth.  Along with a small group of staff, he in investing in Thukuta Village, to set their own development objectives, and help to provide resources to achieve these.  Rodrick is a Malawian entrepreneur, agriculturalist, and pastor. He is the father of two boys, the husband of a teacher, and a prime social butterfly.

Rodrick has a board of 6 members, and staff including the following:

Mrs. Agnus Mwale-Mwale is the primary educator for the preschool feeding program.  She lives in Thukuta Village with her husband and five family.  Two of their children are beneficiaries of the pre-school program that WHEAMS runs.

Mr. Wilson Dzimkomere, a middle aged family man from Thukuta, with three children.  He  is primarily responsible for the fruit farming initiatives, and his oldest child is a beneficiary of the pre-school program that WHEAMS runs.

Ms. Diana Kayange, a volunteer who has contributed significantly to the development of setting up VSAL (Village Savings and Loans) in June 2012.  She also assisted with facilitating the formulation of the women’s constitution/guidelines, helped design the programmes and activities, and assisted in training women in various areas including basic business management and adult literacy.

Rodrick continues to look for further partners, volunteers and staff to contribute to the running and devlopemtne of WHEAMS.


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