Empowering Stories and Book Night

On March 10th, Warm Heart Initiatives gathered together with friends to have an evening of Empowering Stories and Book sales. It was hosted in Squamish, that the ledge Coffee shop.  Our story tellers, Miguel, Ian, and Amelia spoke incredibly well, and taught us incredible insights about how they view “Global Citizenship,” as well as how their experiences have influenced their perspectives. While I did not expect that every story would be about the continent of Africa, it was incredible how the stories came together.  Hearing three perspectives grounded us in different manners of engaging in community & expanding our world view.  I really like how the stories ranged from short-term crises relief, to long term engagement, to African’s creating change in their own community.

Following the stories, our audience engaged us with questions ranging from “If we don’t have time to spend abroad, how can we be global citizens?” to “what do we do with the slippery slope of empathy?”  The questions were thought provoking and interesting.
The videos of Miguel, Ian, and Amelia, as well as some of the questions asked at the end of the evening will be posted in the coming weeks on the Warm Heart Initiatives webpage.  Please take time to share these stories and use them to initiate conversation with your friends and family.
At the end of the day, events like this both bring us together and build roots to community.  However, the work continues if people continue to come together.  In the fall, WHI will be hosting an information night and a silent auction fundraiser.  However, between now and then, I would love to engage in evenings/dinners that bring us together to speak about partnership activities or initiatives that make a difference in the world.

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