Fall Update

WHI boothThis is very long overdue, but not forgotten. 

Back in July, we had the opportunity to present Warm Heart Initiatives in a booth at thier “Outreach Sunday.” It was such a pleasure to share with the members of the church the vision that WHI has to create partnerships to end poverty.   It was also interesting to hear and learn of other projects they support: the St James Music Academy is a music school for inner-city children.  PWRDF is the Anglican Church’s response for emergency relief, refugees, development and justice.  The Street Outreach offers pastoral services for residents of the DTES.  Even though we all have different ways of approaching similar goals, these are just some examples of small ways to make a difference to end poverty.  We can all learn from one another. 

WHI is a small group of folks doing about something about poverty… but believe that the partnership that we have created in Malawi is strong.  We cannot maintain it without strong partnerships here at home. In November we hope to have a story telling night in Squamish, to explore how local folks have engaged in global citizenship.  It would be lovely to have to join us!   We have also just started to build a relationship with a young woman from North Vancouver, in which we are mentoring in a project to learn about both opportunities in medicine, and health issues facing indigenous youth in Canada. We look forward in getting to know her, and learning with her in the journey of “global citizenship” right here in the lower mainland. 

If You are looking to hear more about how you can be kept updated, please feel free to email or call at any time! I am more than happy to talk more about WHI at any time. We have been quiet this year, but continue to be requiring donations to meet our budget goal of 6000$ for the year. We are only about 1/3 of the way so far this year.  Would you consider assisting us in our goal?  Please be in touch if you are interested in hearing more: the easiest way to donate is through paypal.

Keep you eyes here for the announcement for the November event!!!