Planning for a Silent Auction

Hello friends of Warm Heart Initiatives!

We are in the early stages of planning for a Silent Auction Fundraiser in Squamish, BC. It is likely to happen in September 2017, and it will be our big event for the year.  With a number of great things going on this year, Amelia is hoping to get a few people on board with helping to plan, organize and promote.  A few items that we need help with is:

  1. a venue
  2. items for the silent auction
  3. small amounts of food and drink
  4. possible entertainment.

Are you, or any of your friends in your community, willing and able to help out with any of this things?  If so, please email at warmheartinitiatives [at] or call amelia and 778-628-1909.

We are so excited to update people on the progress of WHI in Squamish, and connecting the community to the work we are doing.


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