Thank you for 2016!

Dear Friends of Warm Heart Initiatives,
We are well into 2017, and we have yet to thank you for your generous support and interest in this past year.  Please see the attached newsletter for a brief update on some of the projects that are taking place in Malawi.  We are super excited about the ongoing pre-school feeding program, the scholarships, and the increase in health knowledge.  We would not be able to do this without you!

We are happy to report that 2016 was another year on budget, with approximately 6000$ in total revenue;  with this amount, we have been able to return to sending 4800$ directly to Malawi (up from 3600 in 2015), keep our accounts stable, and meet our expenses. These funds were raised through personal donations, support from craft fairs, Amelia’s summer walking challenge, and a two church donations, etc.
In 2017 we will aim to maintain the same net revenue of 6000$.  We hope to increase focused amounts to health care initiatives, narrow the focus of the scholarship program, and continue the pre-school feeding initiative.
In terms of growth in Canada, we have had a few strong individuals express interest in contributing their knowledge and support to WHI.  We will soon be exploring how we can continue to find initiatives in our local communities which help to build leaders who have interest in global citizenship: as important as it is to build the capacity of our partners abroad, we believe that it is also important to partner with, and build capacity of young people around us.
We are excited for 2017, and are looking forward to keeping you along with us on this journey!
Read Here:  Thank-you-whi

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