Week Two Update

Hello Everyone!!!

Week two update:  Jacinthe has walked 150km so far in the challenge, and Amelia has walked approx 162km!  We have raised about 240$ so far.  We are on track for 500 by August 20th.  Please head on over to our fundraising page to donate, and our Facebook  page for a few sweet video updates.

I have been reflecting on what I would like to write this week.  I realized that it is important to keep on top of what is currently happening in Malawi  (BBC Country Profile), as well as what is happening with the project in Thukuta village.  On the walking front: I remember the first time I went into Thukuta was on bike.  It really struck me this week that so many of the folks in the area are not able to hire bikes to help transport them.  Folks, assumably, would be walking in and out of town…  To school, to work, to the market, to get water.  This is one of the beautiful things that I see when I am in Malawi: people of all ages out walking on the road and on the paths.  In addition, I remember when I would have days that I felt down, homesick, or missing friends: if I went out for a walk, it would completely life my spirits.

Some current events that have happened recently in Malawi:

Madonna is visiting Malawi, and the QECH

Malawi is experiencing one of the worst droughts in years.

Malawi is struggling to protect the rights of people with albinism and Amnesty International is aware.

So: “On On” with the walking!  We will provide another update in a week.  Please head over to our “how you can help” page with a link to paypal, or other ways to help. Some walking pictures from this week!


Week 1 update

This week Amelia walked 74km in the Malawi walking challenge! Thank you to Sean, Terry, Bonnie and Lucy for starting the donations!

Did you know that unlike us, many Africans get most of their physical activity during work or during transportation, rather than during leisure time?

Guess what? This includes walking… So that is why it’s a walking challenge! WHO physical activity monitoring study.

we have raised 200$/1500$ (13%) and walked 81.6km/500 (16%).

Walking for Malawi

We’ve been pretty quiet around here recently. Not because we want to be, or, not because we aren’t thinking about the project in Malawi, but because… Well, life.

Pour most recent movement with WHI got met with some disappointment.  Our primary partner in Malawi was planning on coming to canada in May.  We were super stoked to have it happen, and then his visa wasn’t approved.  I think that was super disappointing, and we lost some momentum.  I wanted so much to show Rodrick Canada, and host him, as he has hosted me & shown me Malawi. So, that will have to wait.

How do I burst some momentum into WHI right now?  Well, the other day, I was out for a hike with my dog, and I thought… “Malawians walk ALL the time…  Why don’t I walk for Malawi?”  I decided to spend July and August walking every day.  In fact, I aim to walk 500km between now and August 20th.  It’s a pretty achievable, but not an easy, goal.

I will be updating a number of places that you can follow along.  The main place is our fundraising site:

You caring fundraising page

Also, you can follow progress at




Thanks in advance for your support!

We are already at 50/1500$ for our fundraising goal (3%) and

13.7/500 (3%) of my walking goal!