Fundraising for Malawi

This time of year is challenging… especially for “micro” non-profits, such as ours.  We anticipate putting forward a budget for the new year, we have done much work over the year, and we look forward to the future.  Yet, it is difficult to ask people for funds.  Despite fully supporting and believing in the cause we are asking for, it is still difficult to ask people to contribute. Frankly, its uncomfortable.

The easiest thing is to have one-on-one conversations.  Conversations where people hear the passion, the details and the desire. Yet, with such a micro-non-profit, time is of the essence.  Recently, we had a fundraiser in Montreal, where Liz was able to raise more than 500$  That is a huge success for us!

How can you participate in giving to Warm Heart Initiatives? There are three ways:

  1. Pay Pal a transfer to
  2. Write a check to us to deposit!
  3. Give any of the board members cash.

We look for both one time donors, as well as monthly donors.  Even though we can’t issue tax-deductible receipts, we can guarantee that 100% of our funds are being directly put towards initiatives in Malawi. We are also confident that, since we are so small and community driven, that a donation of as little as 20$ a month makes a HUGE difference to us and the sustainability of our initiatives.

Coming up in November, in Vancouver, we have a silent auction and sale.  Please see the poster attached.silent auction banner


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